Hello there. My name is Myron Mariano, and I'm a multimedia artist. What's a multimedia artist? Well, I'm someone who's pretty versed with presenting content and information using different mediums and channels. In my case, I do it through web and graphic design, as well as writing and editing for consumer magazines. I'm based in the New York–New Jersey area, where all the action is. Welcome to my portfolio website!

Web and Graphic Design

Before, "I'm using the computer" meant just playing Warcraft. Nowadays, I've become a lot more visual—I create impressive websites using the latest design techniques. View portfolio.

Fashion and Lifestyle Editing

I contribute fashion, grooming, and lifestyle articles for various publications, such as Men's Health, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, 2(x)ist, and Organic Spa. I style fashion shoots, too. View portfolio.