7 Standout Menswear Brands from (capsule) Men

Capsule brings together the most progressive-thinking fashion aficionados from around the world each year. Here are a few of the standout brands at this year’s show in New York City.

Upgrade Green: No-Sweat Style

Performance wear no longer means old tops and baggy shorts. The new breed of clothes meant for active guys combine function, fashion and a serious eye for sustainability.

Upgrade Green: Bro-Friendly Yoga

At first glance, you would not think that Dean Pohlman teaches and does yoga for a living.

On-the-Go Gear

We love workout wear that is good-looking and flatters the body, made from soft, sustainable, organic or natural fibers. And don't forget accessories that will help you go the extra mile. Here are some of our favorites.

A Change of Pace

It's not uncommon knowledge that we live in a world where "fast" is the name of the game, and "faster" is something we all aspire to achieve.

Upgrade Green: Hydration Station

I drink a lot out of habit, and I refuse to buy bottled water since the cost adds up, especially if I'm in the touristic part of the city. I get it, I'm paying for convenience, but to charge me upwards of 3€ for a few satisfying gulps is absurd.

Homme Comforts

If you're like most guys, you do not have a bank account deep enough to visit the spa often enough to make it your second home. But don't fret.